Using TCM and Acupuncture to Improve Cognitive Functioning

Traditionally acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat a variety of complaints, such as pain, sleep issues, anxiety, and internal disorders. However, this medicine is also effective in helping patients to improve their cognitive abilities and executive functioning, and help to spark creativity.

What are Executive Function Skills?

Executive function skills are the mental processes that enable us to accomplish our goals; focusing our attention, planning and organizing tasks, remembering instructions or concepts (working memory) and being able to multitask. These skills are not only necessary for success in school or work, but for life in general. Studies show that in adulthood, executive function skills are critical for success in getting and keeping a job, career advancement, maintaining healthy relationships, weight management, experiencing happiness and overall enjoying a better quality of life.

Be More Effective in School and Work

Marcy Sproull, L.Ac. combines her unique experience as an educator and as an acupuncturist to provide an integrative treatment program to help patients (both children and adults) improve their executive function skills, focus, and creativity through addressing their health using the principles of TCM and acupuncture, as well as evidence-based strategies to improve improve their cognitive and emotional functioning.

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