Acupuncture is an effective adjunct therapy for individuals facing addiction, and undergoing treatment. Although not recommended as a stand-alone treatment, acupuncture can be a powerful supportive part of a treatment program. Regular acupuncture treatments can help to reduce anxiety, enhance a sense of wellbeing, promote sleep, and address a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms.

I have worked alongside the Integrative Treatment Program’s team at Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles for 15 years, providing acupuncture to their clients. Many individuals report that the treatments have helped to calm their cravings, reduce their anxiety and irritability, and give them extra support as they are going through the program.

Because acupuncture can be administered in the ears, head, and hands, it can be easily integrated into group therapies, and can be set up in a wide variety of settings; sober living homes, outpatient programs, inpatient settings, and even churches or other community settings.

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